Lemme Guess…

1. You’re always wondering ‘where did my money go?’ a few days after payday

You have panic attacks at mid-month as you worry about how to pay your bills. You feel that your one source of income is not enough. How will you take care of your responsibilities if you lose your job?


2. You feel like life seems to pass you by sometimes

Maybe you’re staring out the office window watching the sunny days pass by… 

Maybe you want more time at home with your kiddos. Maybe you want to travel and finally live the life in your screenshots. But you’ve got to stick around because the bills have to be paid…


3. You like the idea of being an investor but you’re not clued-up on these bonds, compounding, money markets, inflation terms…

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed especially when you imagine the amount of time it would take you to learn everything.


4. You’re stuck in a constant cycle of debts that you can’t seem to get out of…

You sometimes switch off your phone to avoid the life-threatening calls from debt collectors. 

What’s worse, everyone and their grandmother seem to be doing better financially yet you have no idea how to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start paying off the debt. 

Getting started has been the hardest part.


5. You’re part of the worst money mistakes: shame, silence and avoidance

You blame yourself for your current financial situation. You hide from your debts, live without a budget and have no financial plan.

We all have these feelings, a deeper desire for more fun and freedom.

It’s time for you to cast those feelings aside…

Financial freedom

Take a second to imagine that you could…

  • Have multiple income streams and solid investments which allow you to live a full, fun and meaningful life, travel the world and cater for your family.


  • Build a debt management plan that ensures you pay the least amount of interest.


  • Create a financial plan that ensures you pay all your bills on time and have some money left over for saving, investing and #thesoftlife.


  • Confidently ask for help instead of quietly drowning in bills, debt and shame.


You don’t have to stick around in the job that you hate until you’re 65 to do this!

If you build the right financial foundation and focus on the right things, you’ll save yourself years of zeroes and anxiety.

It’s time to Level Up!

Financial Coaching is your solution to ditching all your financial struggles and creating a life of abundance.

What the package gets you:


20 one-on-one coaching sessions.


A deep dive into all the investment opportunities available to you and how & when to onboard them on your portfolio.


Specific recommendations on which companies to invest with.


Financial habit transformation to ensure you stay committed to your financial goals for years to come.


Ongoing support and accountability check-ins to prevent you from slipping back to bad money habits.


Weekly emails with financial planning tasks.


Collaborative financial planning excel sheet to track your progress.


An accountability partner and cheerleader to help you smash all your goals.


Auditing your expenses every month to know if you’re making progress and by how much.


Best book recommendations (we’ll read one together 😀)


A lifetime subscription to The Wealth Tribe’s financial freedom webinars.



❤️ Client Love ❤️

Working with Agatha has to be one of the best decisions I made in my life. I came to her with a lot of shame attached to my spending habits. I was in a hole where I would spend more than 80% of my salary within the first week of payday and suffer through the remaining days. She spent a lot of time understanding a lot of beliefs I have around money and we challenged them till I figured out the beliefs that were limiting my progress.

Within 6 months, I was able to set up an emergency fund of over 1 million Kenya shillings. I was also able to eliminate most of my impulse buys. I have been tracking my spending more religiously and now I know where all my money goes. Most of all Agatha allows the client to make decisions themselves. It did not feel like I had someone making decisions for me but like I had someone holding my hand and guiding me.


iOS Developer

What attracted me to Agatha’s blog was how simple and doable issues on financial management had been explained. I had already undergone training on the same but was still struggling to figure it out. Agatha became my accountability partner.

She was very responsive and in our 8 months coaching journey, I was able to:-

Start and establish an emergency fund which I have saved KES. 60,000. This was one area I had always struggled in wondering how I could do it. Agatha’s coaching made me aware of my financial habits by budgeting all my monthly income including extra incomes, tracking my daily expenses & consistently paying my debts however small.

Being intentional about one’s spending habits, being real with the outcome, taking deliberate charge and avoiding quick fixes to debt have been my greatest lessons towards my financial freedom.


Author of The Diamond Underneath 📕

I sought Agatha’s help because I needed to reorganise my finances and diversify my investment portfolio. She asked me what my financial goals were, she listened to my financial dreams and what I hoped to achieve

Within 6 months, I was able to:

  • Come up with a monthly budget
  • Record my daily expenses which provided me with a clear picture of my monthly expenditure
  • Set up an emergency fund worth 600,000 shillings
  • Diversify my investment portfolio by investing in treasury bonds and in the stock market.
  • She provided me with an understanding of how the stock market works by looking at financial reports for various companies and advised me what to look out for before investing in such companies.

Agatha makes financial planning easy and is always available to answer any questions one may have.


Project Manager, UNEP

Who’s This Coach That Is Promising To Transform Your Life Anyway?

financial coaching

I’m Agatha. A Writer (yup! I have authored 2 books!) & the Founder of The Wealth Tribe: a community of young people who openly talk about money, and help each other build wealth.

My financial freedom journey started in mid-2018 inspired by fear from a life-threatening wake-up call from a debt collector. At that point in my life, I was stuck neck-deep in debt. I owed friends, had multiple loans from the mobile money loans, I had a student loan and of course, I was financially illiterate.

Fast forward to now:

  • I attained debt freedom on Thursday, 8th April 2021 at 1505 hours! and I’m now working on my second goal…
  • To get my monthly passive income to equal my monthly expenses.

I’m also an Investments Officer at AJ Capital & Investments: a private equity wealth management and investment company based in Dubai, UAE.

Why Do You NEED Financial Coaching?

Living a meaningful life is your birthright! 

There are a couple of things that could have better prepared you for adulthood such as being taught about money in school and talking about money at home. It didn’t happen, which is the biggest contributing factor to your current relationship with money.

I’m READY To Be Financially Free. What’s The Next Step?

Schedule a FREE, short consultation video call (valued at KES 6,500) with me to talk about your current financial challenges and goals. Let’s make magic together!

Let’s work together to help you take charge of the one thing that’s in the way of your dream life: MONEY

I have taught at…

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